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Magnetic Tiles - 120 Pieces

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  • Building blocks for developing a kids' creativity. Children can acquire a strong sense of color, geometrical shapes including 3D forms numbers counts, magnetic polarities, and architectural design at an early age.
  • Magnet building tiles are easy to construct and easy to put away for storage. Fully compatible with other brands.
  • Magnetic tiles inspire children's manipulative ability, imagination and creativity, problem-solving, social skills, and motor skills.
  • Includes 44 small squares, 4 large squares, 4 windows, 24 small triangles, 16 medium triangles, 10 tall triangles, 2 car bases, and 2 arches.
  • Recommended for ages 3 years and up. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Fun for the whole family, endless possibilities

My kids love to play with these. Today they built a glowing castle by inserting little lights into the cubes and pyramids made from these magnetic blocks. Great product! Hours of fun!

A MUST HAVE TOY set for all ages and genders.

We have a 7 year old set of Picasso tiles that get played with a ton. But we now have more kids and the boys have been really rough on them so we’ve had a few casualties. So Santa brought a new set of tiles for Christmas this year. The Picasso tiles are great but the colors are limited and it’s just the standard shapes. These Cossy tiles are WONDERFUL. First of all the colors are gorgeous! They’re not standard primary colors that feel tired and juvenile. They’re bright and fresh and more variety in this set. We got all the same shapes we had before, but this set has a really wonderful selection of specialty pieces. Santa (or maybe my husband) built a great castle for the Christmas morning reveal. My kids love that they have more pieces to work with now and are really excited about the special pieces. This set totally infused new life into an already favorite toy!!I can not compare Magnatiles, but I had gotten Picasso as a more economical option years back because they were said to be the same in reviews with grommets as the only difference. Aside from the old set being scratched up and not so shiny and translucent anymore, you can’t tell a difference in the sets. The magnets are just as strong and construction and quality seem identical. Editing to add: I found some minor differences in the internal seams on some of the shapes. Doesn’t seem to change anything but the aesthetic. Pic attached of a few Cosy and Picasso side by side.My kids use these to build all kinds of fractilated structures. They also use magnet tiles in so many of their other games. They use them as fortresses and jails with superhero toys; they make ramps, targets, and garages to use with cars; they make targets for nerf guns and other shooting toys; they make domino falls; they make traps; doll cribs, and sometimes they just build.This is also the thing my kids play with when I see them getting along the best. They engage in cooperative imaginative play, and especially now that we have enough pieces to accommodate all 4 of them, there’s very little squabbling. They can play together or separately.This is the one toy set that I insist stays in the living room. The options are endless. It appeals to all ages and genders—my kids are 10, 7, almost 5, and 21 mos at the time of this writing; 3 boys and a girl.

Chris W.
Really good pricing for this item

This was a big hit for my 3year old twin girls. I have other brands, but this set is unique, in that it has so many different pieces to further those little imaginations. The cars are also included which is just another type of entertainment and fun. I have had a lot of quality play time with the kids. I highly recommend this product.

Works with Maga-Tiles !!!

So I bought these for my daughter for Christmas this year but I wanted to make sure they worked with the Magna-tile brand that she already has a set of. I got these today and cracked open the box to check them out .This set appears to be Cossy’s “older” style of tiles - in some of their new advertising they state they have the grommets and perhaps a few other features, this set does not have that. First appearance from popping the box open is the tiles are vibrant and appear just as well made as the Magna-Tiles. I didn’t want to rip them all out of the box so I just grabbed one of each of the major shapes to compare. They DO work with my Magna-Tiles brand and APEAR to be of similar quality. Looking closely the magnets in this set might be a TAD thinner than the Magna-tile brand , however I used this brand to make a cube and a pyramid and they seem to build together just fine .I posted a picture of Magna-tiles on the left and Cossy on the right - IF there is a difference it’s MINIMAL and I’m certain my 2 year old daughter won’t notice.Packing these away for Christmas - if anything changes to bring my review down from 5 stars I will update .

Timothy S. Perkins
Magnets or Dirt Bike??

Ever since we took our boys to the Childrens Museum in Boston and they were introduced to these creative building blocks it was something that was on every list from christmas’ to birthdays but something bigger and better always took the spot.Yesterday our oldest turned 6 and this was one of only two toys he put on his list. So, needless to say it was a pretty impressive list for a 6 yo, so, he got both those things and he loves these things.... he also loves his dirt bike, but he really loves these magnets! I have a blast with them as well and i have a new riding partner!So all in all, most boys would rather have a dirt bike for their 6th birthday..... trust me, but these come in at a close second!