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Magnet Building Blocks - 60 Pieces

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  • DREAM BIG & BUILD BIG - No limitations, scalable to build as big as desired by adding more pieces to create the masterpiece. 
  • LEARNING BY PLAYING - Never too early to start developing a kid's creativity. Children can acquire a strong sense of color, geometrical shapes including 3D forms numbers counts, magnetic polarities, and architectural design at an early age.
  • BONDING BY PLAYING - Entertaining for single or multiple parties and feel the sense of achievement together. Suitable for all ages (3+ and up).

Customer Reviews

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Elle M
Compatible with Magna-Tiles

These are exactly like Magna-Tiles. The only difference being Picasso Tiles are missing the metal rivets. I paid twice as much for the smaller set with half as many tiles for the other brand. I will definitely buy more and recommend Picasso Tiles. My 4 year old and 10 year old have a great time using these together. The 37pc and the new 60pc combined allow for so many new structures.

Little builders will love these

These keep a 5 year old builder happy. The shapes, magnets, and simplicity of design encourage imagination and free play. While they won’t replace legos, they seem to stimulate a whole different type of creativity...instead of trying to duplicate intricate designs in solitary play, we see a lot more story-telling, collaboration, and “big idea” play...castles, spaceships, towers, pyramids...and incorporating other toys and objects. These were a favorite toy at Head Start, and we were happy to find a large set at a good price to have at home. In addition to free play, we get to work on sorting, shapes, and colors, and also talk about magnetism, polarity, and simple physics and geometry.

Ana R Medina Bravo
Best toy so far.

I have two curious and very active nephews (2 and 4). I was a hit with this present. Aware that the age range is 3+ ( I'm not an unconscious auntie). The present was for my older nephew, but it turned out to be perfect for both of them.There are enough pieces in the set for the older to share because he has "lots and lots". The boys are learning about shapes and how the fit together in two dimensional and three dimensional spaces. They work together and help each other while they play. It's funny to see them build colorful towers next to their wood train sets. They stay building things and using their imagination for the time it takes to cook dinner (that's actually a lot). The little one is in awe of magnetism and how the pieces stick together. It literally makes him giggle.They are also perfect in size, weight, and easiness to clean so you can carry enough pieces in your purse to a restaurant and keep them entertained while the food arrives.

P Redman
She has severe dementia and this has become a great tool to engage her

I bought these for my mother and she really loves them. She has severe dementia and this has become a great tool to engage her. She is always coming up with another arrangement. The colors are beautiful and the magnets work well enough to hold most structures together. Everybody that spends time with her enjoys working with them as well.

the best toy

This is seriously the best toy I've ever purchased. Someone literally plays w these every day in my home. We've had a set for a couple of years and they still get played w by at least one of my 5 kids daily. We bought more because they enjoy them so much. My kids are age 2 to 12 and each child can play w it on their own or they play together and make up pretend worlds, spaceships, kingdoms, boats, etc w them. Good fun sans electronics!!!