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Fort Building Kit - 120 Pieces

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  • CONSTRUCTION FORT BUILDING KIT: Includes 75 Sticks (14.96" long), 23 Blue Balls, and 22 Green Balls (1.97" diameter). Our 120-piece magic-making set allows your child to build forts of all shapes and sizes!  (Blanket Not Included).
  • FLEXIBLE STEM FUN FOR BOYS & GIRLS: Our fort builder kits are designed for a child aged 5 and up, they can build a cave, play tent, rocket, horse, igloo, princess castle, and much more. 
  • SPARK CREATIVITY AND IMAGINATION: Perfect toy for 2-4 or more children to play together. Kids working together to plan and solve problems and construct different creative structures.

Customer Reviews

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Ronald D
A fort that doesn’t destroy my living room!

My kids are always tearing up the living room and trying to make forts! I thought about getting my 4 year old an indoor tent for her birthday to help prevent this constant destruction, but decided to go with this fort building kit instead and am glad I did. It is not as permanent as a tent and we can take it up and down as we please. Because they are still putting blankets and sheets over top it feels more like a real fort to them! My 4 and 5 year old can make forts (with my help) big enough for both of them. Even my 8 year old can squeeze in. They love taking in flashlights and reading or just pretending it’s their house. A wonderful rain day (or any day) activity!!

Michael Parisi
Hours of fun!

I have had the fort building kit for just about 3 weeks now. I bought it on a throwaway chance that my 4yr old would enjoy building his own fort instead of trashing the house trying to make a pillow/blanket fort with what was available. (Chairs, couch cushions, furniture, etc...)The Good:- Simple packaging, everything came in 2 plastic bags. There was a nylon bag that houses everything and made cleanup and storing great- The plastic rods are made of hard plastic and have some amount of give to them. We were a little rough but after taking everything down, I didn’t notice any warping or cracking of the plastic.- Plastic balls have a ton of holes in the which allows you get a little creative while building. They’re hard plastic too and will bounce if thrown.- Once connected, everything felt snug and secure. We made a tent style fort and we’re able to cover it with 3 blankets and there was very little give.The Bad:- Not really anything that was “bad” but taking everything apart was way harder than I imagined. Because of how snug everything fits, disconnecting everything was a bit of a chore. If you use all of the materials they give you, by the end your forearms are going to be sore from twisting. You may struggle as an adult in taking it apart and it’s totally ok.Conclusion:All in, the blanket fort kit was a great buy for my 4yr old and I. It’s given us hours of fun and provided a really cool bonding experience as we built fort after fort together. It has more than enough parts for you to get creative with what you build (I’ll be buying another set so we can go bigger). Everything was lightweight and easy to move even while assembled which makes getting it out of the way a vastly more enjoyable experience versus cleaning up the traditional pillow/blanket fort materials. If I could suggest one thing, it would be that you purchase one of those grip mats that you would get to take lids off jars. Once I bought one, this became super easy to manage.

We Love it!

My kids absolutely love it. They had so much fun creating different forts and rockets. Great quality! The best part is that it’s fun and it’s educational.

Susy Fernandez
Fantastic Forts!

We purchased this Fort Building Kit for our 6 year-old's birthday and all 3 kids (plus my husband!) love being creative and building forts for hours on end. It's difficult working from home through this pandemic while raising a 5, 6, and 7 year-old; this fort kit has bought me quiet time with my kids! While I am busy working, they are busy being creative and assembling forts together... this is way better than being glued to an electronic device! I recommend having a stack of blankets on the side so that kids can drape them over and build their enclosures, then give them a flashlight and a book and they will be quiet so you can attend your Zoom meetings. The quality of this product is superb and the possibilities are endless. Highly highly recommended purchase!

Awesome! Worth the cost.

Amazing!! Sturdy, but I would not recommend this product if you have children who are going to climb on it because it will not bear weight. Otherwise, any children interested in forts, building, using their imagination, or any children needing to work on fine motor skills would love this product. Once we opened the package I turned my two children ages 8 and 9 loose with it. They immediately began to check out the instructions which were simple pictures and easy to follow and build. So far they have built an igloo, a rocket, a weird thing I don't know what it is, and just a giant square that they slept in. We use a queen size sheet for them to use as a cover and they had a blast. Now I want to say we got the large order with the most pieces which is good because my children are very tall. Think of viking children and then add a little bit more rambunctiousness. They were able to build structures they could play in. They have both independently asked me to buy another set so they can continue to build bigger projects. And honestly, I plan to order another set for Christmas.