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Humpty Dumpty Wall Game Educational Toy

Humpty Dumpty Wall Game Educational Toy

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The Humpty Dumpty Wall Game is a colorful and engaging children's toy designed for demolishing a wall. This interesting and educational game is suitable for the whole family. Easy to play and entertaining, it improves balance, and hand-eye coordination, and offers an enjoyable experience for players aged 2-6. Ideal for family gatherings, school, parties, birthdays, or travel.

- Material: Plastic
- Features: Hand and foot ability, reaction ability
- Packing: Color box
- Ability Training: Manual brain, vision, grasping, interest cultivation, intellectual development, senses, emotions, other ability cultivation, parent-child communication, hand-eye coordination, interactive toys
- Applicable Age: Teenagers (7-14 years old), Children (3-6 years old)
- Product Configuration: Doll*14, Base*1, Wall Frame*2, Shovel*2, Bricks*44

Package Content
1 set of wall-pushing balance party game toys

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