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Pattern Blocks - 30 Shapes

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  • EDUCATIONAL WOODEN BLOCK SET: This block set includes 5 double-sided scenes with 10 recessed design templates and 30 individual shapes.
  • CLASSIC LEARNING ACTIVITY: Our wooden pattern blocks and boards are classic math manipulative and learning activities. They are great for spatial awareness, color recognition, hand-eye coordination, and problem-solving.
  • DOUBLE-SIDED BOARD: This set features double-sided boards that provide kids with even more creative play options. Kids can complete the pictures or create their own designs.

Customer Reviews

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AWESOME for Special Needs and Find Motor Skills!

My toddler is working with a speech therapist and an occupational therapist...and this has helped with his fine motor skills...plus it is fun and he loves it!***UPDATE***My little one LOVES the red rectangle block pieces in this set (some days they are a phone, some days a remote control to the television, other days they are cars) and has managed to lose all but one. I contacted Melissa and Doug and they do sell replacement "block" set through their website for less than half of the original price...HOORAY!By the way, since my delayed toddler (will be 2 years old next month) has been playing with this daily - he no longer likes the easier puzzles with the knobs and now wants a challenge...this item is great! He is even able to do more things that required a better fine motor skill from playing with this set.

Becky H.
Sent to adult memory care facility

Hoping my mom will be able to do these puzzles. She's always loved puzzles and now lives with advanced Alzheimer disease. Shapes are easy to place in the cut-out shapes. Recommended.

L. Packard
A surprising hit!

I ordered this for my soon-to-turn 2 yo granddaughter, because she was learning her shapes already, and I had a lot of faith in it just b/c it was a Melissa & Doug product. It arrived, and I wasn't at all sure that she would like it all that much...it seemed kind of boring to me. Well, it turns out she absolutely loves it!!! I guess she's just at that "puzzle stage", and she really does tune into shapes and what they're called. She's even figured out that two squares will fill the spaces meant for rectangles. This was a hit!! She will play with it for an hour or longer at a time! I really can't say that I expect her to stay as fascinated with it for much longer, but it would be a great toy to help teach shapes!

A great set of puzzles

A great set of puzzles. I love the shapes and colors versus the other style of puzzles. My girls can be more imaginative while playing with these. The shapes can even be used without the puzzle boards for pattern building. The storage box they come is hold all the pieces nicely. The wood material used is a nice quality. It's not overly light and cheap feeling but they aren't heavy bricks either. The wood is solid to and not splintering at all.

Andrea H. Cummings
Great Toy. Try it out early.

We got this for my son when he was 21 months old. He immediately loved it and it kept his attention longer than any thing else. He was able to figure out the puzzles pretty easily and his only difficulty was with the triangles (they are not equilateral so they have to go in a certain way). The triangle actually presented a great opportunity to teach him to keep trying and not give up, even when it doesn't go right in. By the time he was 2 he had completely mastered it and has moved on to harder pattern block sets. He is now 2 years 3 months and is working on pattern blocks recommended for ages 4+ (He mastered the next level pretty quickly as well, we just keep getting a harder set, the most recent set is progressively harder so it should grow with him more). This was a great introduction (and he still loves to get this one out to this day) and I would recommend parents to get this at ~18 months and just try it. This helped my son focus on an activity, learn his shapes (saying the words), learn to combine shapes to make a larger one (2 triangle=1 square, 2 squares=1 rectangle in this set), learn to get past learning frustrations and keep trying, and generally introduce him to pattern blocks. Overall great educational toy.