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LCD Writing Tablet - 10" Screen - Red

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  • Upgrade LCD Doodle Board: Our LCD Writing Tablet adopts the newest LCD pressure-sensitive technology and 10" LCD colorful screen, which ensures smooth writing and draws the lines of different thickness according to the force you use. 
  • Easy To Use And Portable: Our doodle board has a lock switch to prevent accidental erase and the erase button can conveniently erase an image or word and begin to write a new phrase or word. The 12-inch writing board is 0.5mm thin, making it easy to carry with you. 
  • Environmental And Durable: The LCD writing board's battery can be used for a year. We have attached an extra battery for the replacement, the LCD writing tablet can reuse more than 100,000 times which can save much paper and pen ink.
  • Protect Your Kid's Eyes: The color lines of the writing board have no radiation and no glare. It is brighter and clearer than other single-color LCD writing tablets. The eye-protection colorful screen of the doodle board provides a better painting experience, avoiding injury to a child's eyes from long-term use.

Customer Reviews

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Jessica Morris
Writing tablet

Using as an incentive for my students in the classroom.

Jennifer Watson
Awesome for math and in the car!

This is the best thing ever for math for kids. I absolutely love it because we don’t waste paper... I sometimes tutor my friends daughter and she used to go through like 20 pages each session. It was so ridiculous and a waste.This is easy to use and cleans easily. It is small so it is easy to bring with you.I keep this in the car so when I am not tutoring, my daughter uses it for car trips. It entertains her as she tries to write letters and draw pictures.This is amazing - honestly it is a parents best friend as if keeps sanity.

No mess!

Your browser does not support HTML5 video. This is perfect for my 2 year old who doesn’t know how to not color on everything when we hand him a marker or crayon. He loves to draw and color so this is perfect for him. No mess!The lock feature is great for when a sibling is close by and wants to sneakily hit the erase button.I also love that it came with a spare battery.

Affordable lcd writing tablet

I really like how light the writing board is and it makes a great tool to use for kids to sharpen their writing and drawing skill.The pen is lightweight and the lcd screen has a lock where you can Jew your writing in place.The lcd writing lights up well when using the pen and the item is durable

Easy to use for the whole family

Easy to use endless hours of entertainment for my child. I love that the back has a lock button that will prevent any important notes from being erased. The front features the erase button that's easy for younger kids to push if theybare drawing or learning on the device.