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Crystal Growing Kit

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  • Grow red, blue, and clear crystals and make them glow: Let your child feel like a real chemist mixing the special ingredients and watching the crystal grow, day by day. When you are done, display it on the light-up display for all to admire. Follow along with the beautifully illustrated 12-page booklet describing how crystals are formed.
  • Let it glow: Growing the crystals is only half the fun. Turn your newly formed crystals into a piece of art by placing them on the included LED light-up display and watch the lights burst through the complex crystal formations. Powered by an included Micro-USB cable.
  • Kit includes: USB Powered LED Light-up Display, Micro-USB Cable, 3 Growing Cups, 3 Crystal Powder Bags (Red, Blue, Clear), 3 Crystal Starters, Mixing Stick, Tweezers, and a gorgeous 12-page instruction and learning guide.

Customer Reviews

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Mini explorer light up Crystal kit!

I haven't had the opportunity to help make all the crystals but I tried one out to make sure it would work. It hasn't even been twenty four hours and the crystals after forming perfectly! My son is excited and later today the other two are going to be started. Just make sure you boil that water :)My kiddo got a random, different brand, for Christmas and that one didn't work as planned and he was bummed. Honestly I will say I think it was my fault since I didn't boil the water long enough bit it looked my like fluffy crystals. Anyways with the mini explorer version I made sure the water was boiling extremely well.Update: I meant to update sooner but all three turned out perfectly. I made a small mistake on the first Crystal. Make sure that when you see the crystal start showing above the water to drain it. It does state that in the directions but I had misplaced them at the time. These were awesome and my son loved watching them grow and then if course enjoys then on display.

Light-up science experiment that results in an awesome night light.

This was such a cool gift that my son received. It grew the most awesome crystals. Growing time was about a week. Then we pulled out the awesome crystals and placed them on the led stand. The stand with led lights to turn it into a night light is the icing on the cake for the finished product. I am a child development professor and would hands-down recommend this as a gift for any child to spark their mind and build scientific inquiry! I love it!!! My son adores it!

David M
Amazing educational gift for both very young and not-soyoung kids!!

Amazingly good kit! My 8 year old daughter and 3 year old son both loved making it and seeing the results! We followed the directions exactly and it worked out beautifully. Pictures has both flash and no flash so you can see the effect of the base. And the light up base is an excellent touch.Some helpful hints:- dont let the crystals grow past the top of the fluid, the tips get a little "crusty"- add a bit more water than called for, but not much (partly to prevent the above)- give it PLENTY of time to dry out. Like 1-2 days after you pour out the water. Luckily my kids were very patient (shockingly)

They really grow!

My 5 and 7 -year-old could not Wait each morning to wake up and see how much The crystals grew! This is a great project to do with your children.Delivery was on time and the transaction went perfectly!

Great light stand!

My son loves this gift! One thing we discovered was that the light stand takes a little while to charge up before turning on. He thought it was broken after plugging it in and having it not turn on. The comment rubber tongs to place the glass disk on the bottom was also helpful!