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10 Best Educational Wooden Pattern Blocks for Your Child

Finding a perfect gift for your child can sometimes be overwhelming, but we have found the best options out there.  Pattern blocks are an ideal gift for almost any occasion and help kids develop their fine motor skills as well as their hand-eye coordination.  It will also encourage your child to use their critical thinking skills, creativity and allow them to expand their imagination.

We have rounded up the ten best educational puzzles based on quality and user satisfaction. Both parents and kids love these ten puzzles because of their kid-friendly complexity and excellent quality. 

Wooden Pattern Blocks - 36 Shapes & 60 Design Cards

If you're looking for a way to get your little ones' minds working and exploring, this pattern block set is the perfect choice. Your kids can create many things with these blocks: included in the set are 36 wooden pieces and 60 different image cards, including animals, vehicles, etc.

Kids will learn how to match as they create the m same image shown on each card. They will learn color and shape recognition while making all kinds of fun and colorful pictures.

Don't forget those problem-solving skills; figuring out how to construct something from start to finish is problem solving! You'll never run out of new ways for kids to create; you can use the cards or just let them create their own artwork!

Kids Craft Corner - Lift & Learn Puzzle

The Lift & Learn USA Map is the perfect educational toy for any school-aged child.  Not only does it have bright colors and raised textures, but this map promotes curiosity, tactile development, hand-eye coordination skills, as well as building confidence through a sense of achievement! 

Lift & Learn Puzzle - Kids Crafts Corner

This puzzle is sure to encourage children to use their critical thinking skills and develop problem-solving abilities. The 15"x4"x11" size makes it easy to pack up and take anywhere you go - all 40 pieces fit together inside one box that only weighs 1.63-lbs.

Melissa & Doug - 51-Piece USA Floor Puzzle

This puzzle is a challenge for kids of all ages! With a total of 51 pieces, it measures 3 x 2 feet when completed. It's colorful and informative; younger children will have fun putting the various states together while older ones learn about each state in detail, from its location to primary industry and many more facts.

Whether you're five or fifteen (even 50), this puzzle will have you hooked until you have completed it. 

Kids Craft Corner - Jigsaw Puzzles - 4 Pack

These eco-friendly wooden puzzles are made of durable, non-toxic material with round edges that are safe for little ones. The four-pack includes various images and themes, including animals, dinosaurs, planets, etc. 

Each one contains 60 pieces in bright colors that help train children's constructive thinking skills, develop hand-eye coordination while building cognitive development.

These Matching and Spelling Puzzles by Green Toys are made from sturdy & sustainable materials that make them great for a young child who’s just learning how to grasp and match. 

Melissa & Doug - Safari Jumbo Knob Puzzle

This fun puzzle is perfect for a jungle animal lover! Your child will love learning how to play with this interactive, multi-sensory toy—made from extra-thick wood and featuring easy access jumbo wooden knobs that are safe for children ages 1 and up. 

Your kid can explore the safari life while playing with these three different puzzles. They'll work on their hand-eye coordination as they solve each one while having lots of fun- making their jungle music or sounds along the way!

Kidzco Puzzles Wooden Personalized Name Puzzle

Kids will love seeing their names in puzzle form with this personalized wooden puzzle. Customize the letters and colors to make it a one-of-a-kind gift for any kid!

Children learn self-esteem, letter recognition, hand-eye coordination by assembling this all-wooden personalization puzzle that includes up to 12 characters of choice--all painted with bright non-toxic paint. Reviewers are raving about how great these spelling puzzles are for kids as educational tools.  You can customize the pieces with your child’s favorite colors. 

This puzzle is sure to be loved by your little ones and will encourage them to learn their name! 

iPlay iLearn Explore Planets

The Wooden Puzzle is made of natural wood and comes in 48 pieces. It's durable enough to use repeatedly, making it an outstanding learning toy for children who are just starting on their puzzle journey. 

The puzzle features a fantastic solar system theme that helps kids develop imagination and hand-eye coordination skills as they build these larger-than-life celestial bodies together by using the guidebook included! 

This educational wooden game can be used from novice levels up to intermediate ones, so there’s something here suitable for any age group 3–5 years old through 8+.

Ravensburger Puzzle Horse Dreams Glitter

Puzzles made by Ravensburger are the best puzzles around!  They last a long time because they are made of solid and durable material.  Puzzles help children develop their concentration skills as well as their creative skills.

With over 1 billion puzzles sold worldwide, Ravensburger is your go-to brand if you want a high-quality puzzle that lasts without frustration or distraction - no matter how old you are! Kids who grow up solving these beautiful images learn essential life lessons in focus, teamwork, patience, memory, and art appreciation. 

GYBBER & MUMU Color & Shape Recognition Wooden Preschool Puzzle

The perfect puzzle for any school-aged child! Our wooden puzzles are made of durable wood that will stick around long after the child has outgrown it, and unlike other brands, our pieces fit together perfectly without cracking. This is an excellent toy for fostering creativity in children while helping them learn shapes and colors! 

Kids love our wooden puzzles! They're designed to stimulate the basics of visual shapes at an early age and an excellent choice for any classroom. Kids can use these puzzles as they learn colors, different shapes, develop hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills (a preschool staple), and just plain old fun. 

And when you buy more than one puzzle set together in this special gift pack? Watch their happy little faces light up even brighter--another perfect reason to spoil your favorite kid today!

These ten best educational wooden pattern blocks are great for any kid for cognitive development and skills development. Whether you get them as a gift or buy them for your kids before the weekend, they will simply love them.

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