Collection: Magnet Building Tiles

Magnetic blocks require the child to discover their creativity and imagination. They are the enhancers of the aesthetic sense and motor skills. Inventive playtime instills a thinking process and understanding of mechanisms in children by building language and social skills through role-play and hands-on learning, and self-regulation of their emotions. They promote the development of the brain through active thinking, problem-solving, color recognition, and creativity.

Fine motor skills and hand-eye Coordination are more efficiently developed as the child assembles pieces of magnetic blocks acquiring spatial awareness, hand-eye coordination, and developing fine motor skills in their hands and fingers.

Making patterns, structures, and different figures, solving maths problems, sorting into colors and shapes, magnet hunting, and experimenting make the child develop surprising skills through playing. Cognitive or problem-solving skills are particularly evident when playing a matching game. Solving tasks like recreating a face, allows them to learn from cause and effect.