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Best LCD Writing Tablet For Kids You Need To Know About!

Kids love coloring and drawing. Not only is it a fun activity for your little one, but it's also a creative outlet. However, drawing and coloring can be messy activities. No matter how careful you are, the marker usually ends up on the table, on some furniture, or inexplicably, on your child's skin or clothing. Besides, coloring isn't as smooth with a pencil as it is with gliding markers. That's why if you want to have clean drawing sessions, then you should get an LCD writing tablet for kids. 

We here at Kids Craft Corner specialize in providing parents with specialized baby products like the best digital LD writing tablets for kids in the market. So we know all about digital LCD tablets that you can have in your home to unleash your kid's creativity. These tablets allow your kid to draw in neon-bright colors without harming your kid's eyes and containing the mess within the tablets. The LCD tablets are lightweight and durable, so you don't have to feel too nervous when your child haphazardly tosses it into their backpack. 

The best LCD tablets usually have super-long battery life. Where you will regularly need to charge a regular tablet, the digital LCD tablet for kids has button batteries that can last you twelve months or so. As you can see, digital LCD writing tablets are handy tools to have in your home. Our team has researched the market checked the LCD tablet reviews, and checked out all the specs to find the best digital LCD tablets to help you find the best ones. So without further delay, let's check them out!

LCD Writing Tablet

The LCD Writing Tablet is a lightweight tablet that's the right fit for your little one. There is no manual erase option on this, but it has a one-click erase button, which means your child won't waste any time moving on from their old masterpiece to their new one. It also has a lock that will protect your little one's doodles from getting erased. The tablet comes with two styluses and comes in pink, blue and black.

Funtions LCD Writing Tablet

The Funtions LCD Writing Tablet is one of the best LCD writing tablets in the market right now. It comes in a pack of two. One is a blue tablet, and the other is a pink one. It's for all ages and also for you. Adults can take notes or use them to leave a message. The digital LCD writing tablet is portable and durable, with it being 1/4" thin and 4.5oz lightweight, so it's easy to carry with you. Enjoy endless fun with the tablet supporting 100000 write times, and the built-in replaceable battery lasts 12 months. It comes with a lanyard to lock the stylus pen, keeping it from getting lost. There is a magnet attached to it, meaning you can attach the board to the refrigerator or anywhere around the house. 

FLUESTON LCD Writing Tablet

The Flueston LCD Writing Tablet was created with kids in mind. This digital LCD writing tablet is durable and portable, so you can simply chuck it in the backpack without worrying about scratches. It is one of the best LCD writing tablets for kids, and your little one won't even understand the difference between drawing on paper or this tablet. The tablet is very smooth to operate, and you can change the thickness of lines by applying more pressure to the stylus. 

LCD Doodle Board

This LCD Writing Tablet adopts the newest LCD pressure-sensitive technology. The 10" LCD colorful screen ensures smooth writing and draws the lines of different thicknesses according to the force you use. It's easy to use and is portable. The Doodle Board has a lock switch to prevent accidental erase, and the erase button can conveniently erase an image or word and begin to write a new phrase or word. The 12-inch writing board is 0.5mm thin, making it easy to carry with you. 

It's environmentally friendly and is highly durable with the LCD writing board's battery that can be used for a year. This digital LCD writing tablet has an attached extra battery for the replacement; the LCD writing tablet can reuse more than 100,000 times and save much paper and pen ink. The color lines of the writing board have no radiation and no glare. It is brighter and more precise than other single-color LCD writing tablets. The eye-protection colorful screen of the doodle board provides a better painting experience, avoiding injury to a child's eyes from long-term use.

Mafiti LCD Writing Tablet

Mafiti LCD Writing Tablet - best lcd writing tablet - Kids Craft Corner

The Mafiti LCD Writing Tablet comes in four different colors, is very portable, and is easy to take everywhere. The digital LCD writing tablet is extremely thin and durable and doesn't take much space in your child's backpack. It has its own stylus and has a built-in holder, so your kids aren't in danger of losing it. In addition, the Mafiti LCD writing tablet for kids supports writing and erasing up to 100,000 times before the button-cell battery runs out. So make sure you check it out.

Find The Best Store

So there you go, these are the best LCD writing tablets for kids that you need to know about. Our team dove deep into the market to find out which digital LCD writing tablets offer the best value, and we came up with these ones. However, these aren't the only ones that you can consider the best LCD writing tablets. There are plenty of different ones out there that you can check out and see if they fit your needs. Make sure you know what type of LCD writing tablet that your child will fall in love with, and once you have that, choose a store that offers you the best value for money. That's where Kids Craft Corner comes in. 

We have a wide range of kid toys that encourage STEM development at an affordable price point. That's not all. You will find other perks as well when you work with us. So if you have any questions regarding LCD writing tablets or other questions regarding STEM toys, feel free to contact us. You can drop your questions in the comments below or hit us up on our socials, and we will help you out. And with that being said, that's about all we have for you today. We will come back with something new for you soon. Until then, see ya!
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