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10 Best Fort Building Sets for The Adventurous Child

If you have a hyperactive kid at home and it’s hard for them to stay focused. What they need is a fort building kit so they can take fort building to a whole new level while achieving something on their own. Now the question is, which one will be the best option for your kids and your home.

We have checked numerous kits and compiled the most comprehensive fort building kit reviews to make your job easy. One thing we can guarantee is that the youngsters will love any or all of them.

OBUBY Fort Building Kit - 120 Pieces

Kids will love building forts with this 120-piece set! This ultimate fort building kit includes 75 sticks, 23 blue balls, and 22 green balls. Each of the pieces are 1.97" in diameter, which is perfect for kids aged 5+. You can build various structures, including caves, tents, rocket ships, or even castles! 

Kids work together to plan and solve problems while constructing their creations, so they get exercise too - it makes the best outdoor activity when combined with our blanket fort kits which we will talk about later.  This kit is perfect for one child or more.  Your child can invite friends over to create, take apart and create again! 

STEM Fort Building Kit - 155 Pieces

This 155-piece magic-making set will provide hours of entertainment for your child who is full of imagination and creative potential. With 100 sticks (16.92" long) and 55 balls (1.97" diameter), they'll be able to build forts that are as unique as their imaginations during playtime! The perfect toy at a great price: check out what's included in the package below!

Magic Making Set allows kids to create all kinds of structures - from simple ones like towers or bridges to more complex creations such as cars or spaceships with multiple parts needed to secure them together securely before launching off into outer space!

The Original AirFort Build-A-Fort

Breeze into summer with this family-friendly Air Fort! This inflatable fort will cool the kids off in seconds. The large, rectangular size fits several children and adults of all ages comfortably at 77" wide x 50" tall. 

It only weighs 24 oz. so it's easy to carry around as well - perfect for those trips to grandma's house or camping out under the stars (which is why we include a matching carrying bag). Made from light polyester fabric for easy breathing and is still durable enough to withstand anything your kids put it through! 

This airy design also features an entrance window to peek out while they are safely inside tucked away from the dark and cold night.

STEM DIY Forts - 216 Pieces

The perfect toy for kids who love to create and build! Fort building kits are available in various shapes, sizes, colors- you name it. This DIY fort building kit is safe no matter where your child decides to use the pieces (indoor or outdoor) with a whopping 216 parts that can fit together into any shape imaginable. 

With many connectors at their access, from short sticks to long ones - this set has everything they need, so get ready for some crazy creations!

The fort building kits by TOTUMKIDS provide children ages 8-12 years old with fun ways of creating structures without having an instruction manual telling them what goes where. These packs come with enough materials needed to assemble each structure safely indoors or outdoors.

The Ultimate Fort Builder

Are you ready to build your dream fort? Who would have thought that the answer was a simple one - with our solid and snap-together builders! Just attach poles and connectors for hours of fun. 

Build the fort of your dreams with our solid and snap-together builders! Just attach poles to kid-friendly connectors and cover them in a sheet or blanket for hours of fun. You get 45 poles and 25 connectors that are perfect for creating anything you and your child can imagine. 

Included is a step-by-step guide that shows you  how to build everything from an igloo to castle towers fit just right for your brave knights. Poles measure 16" long, so they're easy to use for small hands.

Kids Crafts Corner Fort Building Kit - 158 Pieces

Assembling the fort builder kit is a great way to spend quality time with your child. All 158 pieces of this fort building kit are designed for children ages five and up! Kids can build their caves, play tents, or igloos as tall as themselves. 

Kids Crafts Corner Fort Building Kit

The possibilities of what shape kids want to create from these building blocks is limited only by their imagination - anything goes when it comes down to creative construction that's fun and engaging!

Play Vibe Fort Builder Kit - 150 Pieces

Imagine the endless possibilities of building forts with 50 2.12-inches balls and 100 16-inches sticks. This set is perfect for bringing your child's most imaginative ideas to life, whether they're playing indoors or out! With 150 pieces in all, this ultimate fort building set has just what you need - including a sturdy carrying case so that your little one can take their creations on the go too (perfect if you have an adventurous boy! Or girl!) 

This Crazy Fort will improve problem-solving and critical social communication abilities while giving kids hours of fun as they get engrossed in creative playtime among friends. 

Fun Forts Glow-in-the-Dark Fort Building Kit

Capture imagination and spark creativity with this fun, interactive construction fort building set. Kids can build endless shapes such as forts or tunnels using the 53 glow-in-the-dark connecting rods and 28 multilink spheres included in this kit.  Made with safe BPA-free plastic, the kit is perfect for curious kids ages 4 and up! 

The 15 ⅞-inches rods are great too because they come equipped with a handy instruction booklet that will ignite your child's creative skills while mastering basic engineering principles! There is no end to what children can create when you add some bed sheets or blankets so their play space feels even cozier!

Fantasy Fort Construction Building Set 

Along with playing with their building blocks, your child can construct an imaginative and ever-changing fortress. The versatile 32 Piece Fantasy Fort Construction Set comes complete with 22'' x 22' panels durable enough to withstand hours of playtime fun while providing endless opportunities for creativity. 

It also includes innovative double-sided Velcro connectors attached to all four sides of each panel and carton clips, so two-story structures don't fall over too easily! Take it one step further by constructing a storage cube using six panels to keep all pieces together and organized before packing up the kit again.

Fort Boards Custom Fort Builder - 90 Pieces 

Indoors or outdoors, this toy for girls and boys lets kids build different places to play. Open-ended building toys always make the best gifts because kids continually find new uses for them. It teaches STEM knowledge as well as skills like engineering, creativity, imagination, and spatial reasoning. 

It is designed for AGES 5+, but safe enough that it can be passed on from sibling to sibling as they grow up too! The 90 Piece Set includes 44 boards (8 x 8”) and 46 connectors that are durable enough that you may not ever need replacement parts in your lifetime! 

The kit will pack away in a small package, but builds over 20 sq ft of surface area with more than 500 possible combinations. So your kids will never get bored assembling this kids fort building kit to make their own fort/bunker/playhouse.

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