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Fluffy Foam Slime Kit: DIY Soft Cotton Charms

Fluffy Foam Slime Kit: DIY Soft Cotton Charms

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Dive into the world of soft, smooth, and non-sticky creations with our Fluffy Foam Slime Kit. This DIY masterpiece includes light, soft cotton charms, slime fruit, and cloud craft components—your ticket to stress-free fun for kids.

(1) Enjoy the softness, smooth texture, and non-stickiness. It won't cling to your hands and is super stretchy.

(2) As it dries and hardens, the clay remains lightweight. Our magic clay takes 24 hours to achieve full hardness.

(3) Fine quality and exquisite colors create a smooth, non-stick, ultra-light, and resilient experience that's easy to handle.

(4) Shape it, let it cool, and explore endless possibilities. Sand, drill, carve, and finish your creations with our super modeling clay. Reusable by adding a bit of water, it's only 1/4 of the weight of ordinary clay.

(5) This mud is safe for children and adults alike. Detailed content in the description ensures suitability, making it ideal for children who can't eat or are not too small.

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