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Magic Wand Flying Ball Toy

Magic Wand Flying Ball Toy

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1. With three dazzling colored lights, your flying ball toy will look like a neon shooting star when you launch it across the sky.
2. It is easy to start with the ball toy. Flip the button and hold the toy up, then just shake it to start and give it a coin toss!
3. Launch your toy, then call it right back to home base - that's your hand with The Boomerang. Toss the spinning toy in the air, and watch as it circles right back to you. Catch it in one hand and ready to launch your next trick.
4. The toy ball can spin ultra-fast while floating in place. Put your hand under the ball and follow the spinning orb for as long as you can, for the feeling that you're redefining gravity. Who said magic wasn't real?
5. sometimes a whole group. Find a partner or a whole group. Then go freestyle as you hover, glide, and pass the toy ball and forths. Make things even more interesting by spicing up your catches and passes with different moves.

Dimensions: 9.5x9.5 x9.5cm
Max. Flights Height: 49ft (Controlled by the Magic Controller)
Function: Air Suspension, Magic Controller, Sudden Acceleration, Magnets Adsorption
Weight: 156g, 253g

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